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Guidance on the Consenting Process for Onshore Generating Stations above 50Mw in England and Wales: An Energy Review consultation

Starting Date: 11-05-07

Closing Date: 03-08-07

In the Energy Review: The Energy Challenge document, published in July last year, the Government committed to making improvements to the planning system for energy.  Those improvements were to be made at two main levels: (i) fundamental reforms to the planning system for major energy projects; and (ii) more immediate changes to the current planning system to reduce risk and uncertainty for developers and others, while maintaining the openness, fairness and accountability of the current system.  The publication of this guidance relates to the latter objective.

Section 36 of the Electricity Act 1989 is the legislative provision under which the Secretary of State grants development consents for generating stations above 50 Megawatts (electrical).  The Secretary of State also grants consents, under Section 37 of the Electricity Act 1989, for the overhead lines that are needed to transmit and distribute the power thus generated.  In ‘The Energy Challenge’, the Government undertook to publish generic guidance on Section 36 and the procedures attached to it, including information on co-operation between developers and the transmission companies about joining up on applications for consents.

The Government has previously published guidance on applications for offshore consents under Section 36, but not on onshore applications.  The guidance therefore sets out the generic provisions of Section 36 but focuses on the onshore context.  It also provides a link to the existing offshore guidance.

This consultation seeks views on the content of the guidance.

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