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Workplace Representatives: a review of their facilities and facility time

Starting Date: 04-01-07

Closing Date: 29-03-07

In March 2006, the Government published a policy document entitled Success at Work which set out a number of initiatives to improve workplace performance and employment relations. It announced that the Government would undertake a review of the facilities and facility time available to workplace representatives. In June 2006, following prior consultation, the Government launched a review of the facilities and facility time provided to workplace representatives. This consultation document presents the first findings of that review.

The basic issues which the review addresses are:

  • whether new methods of working at the modern workplace seriously affect the ability of workplace representatives to function well; and,
  • whether the effectiveness and efficiency of workplace representatives can be enhanced in order to optimise the net benefits they bring to employees, employers and society more generally.

The Government response to the consultation is attached below. This response document presents the final findings of the review. The Government intends to implement any recommendations before the end of this Parliament.


Consultation Responses