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The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) is the UK's leading agency for research funding and training in economic and social sciences.# read more...

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Cover of Britain in 2010

Britain in 2010 on sale

Recession and Research

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How does the recession impact on society? Read about relevant ESRC research and find experts in our Recession and research section.

Research Councils UK

Research Councils UK

Interested in other areas of research? The Research Councils UK website is a joint portal for all Research Councils, offering access to the whole range of UK research funded through the councils.

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Environment and Climate Change

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The ESRC funds world class research in a number of areas linked to the effects of environmental change, economics, human behaviour, health and technologies.
NEW: How do we pay the climate change bill? Experts offer their views on this crucial question.# read more...

Schools and Young People

Students and Teacher

Considering a career in social science? Or are you a teacher looking for school resources? We fund a number of activities for young people and schools.

Understanding Society

Do you want to know whether your children’s friends are influencing their career aspirations? Or how many quality years you’ll have after retirement? What the risks to your health are? Understanding Society, a new survey will answer these questions and many more.