Review of voluntary transport: Main report

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3. Project Findings

National Survey

3.1 The national survey was designed to provide information on the scale of voluntary sector transport provision, particularly regarding its diversity and the extent of provision. A postal questionnaire was sent to nearly 5,000 organisations throughout Great Britain. We obtained a response rate of 17-18% representing a very broad range of schemes and transport services. The schemes responded to questions relating to:

  • the origin and type of service provided;
  • the resources available;
  • the people involved;
  • the service characteristics;
  • the passengers carried;
  • revenue and funding; and,
  • general issues and the future.

3.2 To ensure meaningful and representative results we filtered out responses where it was not clear to what the answers related. This left us with a final response rate of 11%. The transport schemes which responded and are represented in this report are as follows:

Table 3.1: Analysed responses to the questionnaire


Number of Responses

Minibus Group Hire


Dial a Ride


Community Buses


Voluntary Car Schemes


Other Schemes




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