Local transport authority performance

What are Local Authority Comprehensive Performance Assessments?

The Local Government White Paper, Strong Local Leadership Quality Public Services tasked the Audit Commission with carrying out Comprehensive Performance Assessments (CPAs) for councils in England. These assessments will, for the first time, bring together a wide range of performance information to deliver an overall judgement based on the delivery of core services and the corporate strength of each council. Local government delivers key public services and has a wide-ranging interaction across a number of different central government departments. This is reflected in the overall CPA judgement which draws information from range of Government inspectors reports, performance indicators, audits, and assessments of service plans across the following council functions:

  • Education
  • Social services
  • Environment (including waste, transport and planning)
  • Housing
  • Libraries and leisure
  • Benefits
  • Resources

Information on the CPA methodology and the results of CPA for London boroughs, unitary, metropolitan and county councils in England can be found on the Audit Commission web site.

CPA will be a catalyst for central and local government to work together to achieve genuine and long-lasting improvements to the services delivered by councils. The aim is progressive improvement in authorities' performance, and the Government has set out proposals for responding to the outcome of CPA to deliver this. These proposals include devolving power to all councils, with radical freedoms for the very best performers, additional support where it is needed and effective action to tackle failure.

Further information on CPA and the Government's response can be found on the Department for Communities and Local Government website.

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How is an authority's transport performance assessed for CPA?