Introduction to regional and local transport

The Department for Transport (DfT) works in partnership with both regional and local stakeholders to improve access to jobs and services, particularly for those most in need, in ways that are sustainable.

Regional level

At a regional level we encourage the close integration between regional transport, housing, economic development strategies and spending decisions, and we work with partners to ensure that strategies are well evidenced and supported by their delivery.

Local level

At a local level we encourage modernisation of local transport to improve accessibility and reduce congestion.  We also oversee local transport planning and expenditure, helping local authorities and transport operators improve local roads, bus, taxi and light rail services and walking and cycling facilities.

What we deliver

Our regional and local transport section of the website provides advice and information for local authorities and transport operators on areas, including:

  • Buses: guidance on the administration of concessionary fares, tackling anti-social behaviour and an explanation of grants available; and guidance for local authorities on statutory and voluntary schemes;
  • Taxis: Best practice guidance and information about taxis and private hire vehicles, including accessibility issues;
  • Local transport plans: information on producing and reviewing plans, with examples of good practice, accessibility planning and performance indicators;
  • Transport Innovation Fund: providing our delivery partners with incentives to develop and deliver smarter, innovative strategies.