Transport security

Our aims are:

  • To protect the travelling public, transport facilities and those employed in the transport industries primarily from acts of terrorism and to retain public confidence in transport security, whilst not imposing requirements that impact disproportionately on the travelling public or on the effectiveness and efficiency of industry operations;
  • To co-ordinate the Department for Transport's arrangements for responding to serious disruption of national life, actual or threatened, however caused.

Image: Preparing for Emergencies logo (including link to website)

The Preparing for Emergencies ( website includes the common sense advice found in the Preparing for Emergencies booklet, and information on what the government is doing to protect the country as a whole.

The UK resilience website ( contains emergency planning guidance and information for government organisations for a wide number of potential crises.

Transport security - Contact details

This document contains conventional addresses for contacts, together with phone numbers.

03 August 2004
Last update:
04 February 2008

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