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Practice Directions by Court

Consolidated Criminal Practice Directions Administrative Court Admiralty Court Chancery Division Commercial Court Companies Court County Courts Court of Appeal - Civil Division Court of Appeal - Criminal Division Court of Protection Crown Court Family Division Magistrates' Courts National Taxing Team. Patents Court Queen's Bench Division Senior Court Costs Office Technology and Construction Court HMCS Wales

Practice Directions

Practice Directions support relevant rules. In particular they set out procedures that mean to achieve uniformity in practice. In addition they tell parties what the courts expect of them and what the parties can expect of the courts if they for example do not comply with the courts' directions.


Recent Practice Directions

5 August 2009
Appeals (Word 69.50Kb)

1 August 2009
Adoptions - Forms A58, A60 and A61 (Word 24.00Kb)

The new forms will be available from HMCS FormFinder from 1 September

1 May 2009
Fixed costs in the Court of Protection (Word 43Kb)

20 April 2009
Attendance of Media Representatives at Hearings in Family Proceedings in the Family Proceedings Courts (magistrates' courts) (Word 60Kb)

Attendance of Media Representatives at Hearings in Family Proceedings in the county courts and the High Court (62Kb)

01 April 2009
Electronic working pilot scheme (Word 65.50Kb)

22 January 2009
Midlands Region Protocol: What the Family Courts expect from parents (PDF 53.8Kb)

14 January 2009
Revised Practice Direction: Residence and Contact orders: Domestic Violence and Harm (PDF 50.73Kb)

6 November 2008
Applications in the magistrates' court to enforce contact orders

This Practice Direction governs applications to enforce contact orders made in the magistrates' courts, and is intended to ensure they are considered by family proceedings courts. It comes into force on 8 December 2008.

Enforcement of Children Act 1989 contact orders: disclosure of information to officers of the National Probation Service

This Practice Direction applies to proceedings in the magistrates' court and comes into force on 8 December 2008.

29 October 2008
Direction - Classes of cases specified under section 18(6) of the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 (PDF 40.04Kb)

Pre action protocol for Judicial Review cases

Practice Direction 54
This Practice Direction supplements Part 54 of the Civil Procedure Rules.

28th August 2008
Amendment No. 21 to the Consolidated Criminal Practice Direction (Criminal Proceedings: Witness Anonymity Orders; Forms) (Word 70.00Kb)

Procedure to be followed on an application under the Criminal Evidence (Witness Anonymity) Act 2008, forms for use in connection with Part 63 of the Criminal Procedure Rules  (appeal to the Crown Court), as substituted by the Criminal Procedure (Amendment) Rules 2008

Appeal Notice - r.63.3&(Word 33.50Kb)

Notice of Abandonment of Appeal - r.63.8 (Word 28.00Kb)

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