Improving road safety through the Multi Purpose Test Centre

The new practical motorcycle test is now live

The new practical motorcycle test is here. Its aims are to improve the standard of road safety for motorcycle and moped riders, as this user group has been identified as having a high risk of injury or death, particularly young and inexperienced riders.

From now, practical motorcycle test candidates will take the test in two modules in order to acquire their motorcycle licence as follows: 

This modular approach allows DSA to conduct the test from a greater number of locations. Module 1 can be taken from 66 locations and Module 2 from 105 locations, together with 30 occasional centres in Scotland. 

The off-road motorcycling manoeuvring area (MMA) can vary depending on whether a candidate is taking the Module 1 test from a new DSA test centre or from a VOSA or casual site. To view the different Module 1 layouts, please refer to the downloadable files found within the “Test details” tab.

Maps of locations for Modules 1 and 2

A full list of test locations and maps showing the areas covered by the test centres can be found by downloading the file on the right-hand side. This means that 88 per cent of customers will be able to reach a Module 1 site within 45 minutes of travelling and 97 per cent of Module 2 customers.

Test fees 

Fees for the new practical test are on Directgov.


For general enquiries about the new motorcycle test and test locations, please contact