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Details of DSA’s Crown Copyright policy

All material and media displayed on this website is protected by Crown Copyright. To reuse this material or if you are charged for this material by a third party, please contact the Driving Standards Agency's Intellectual Property Department on 0115 936 6272 or email crowncopyright@dsa.gsi.gov.uk 

In order for the Driving Standards Agency to ensure that appropriate learning material is available in the retail market to support the learner/novice driver, the DSA licences the Official DSA Theory Test question banks and 16 simulated Hazard Perception Test video clips for use by other publishers by way of a Crown Copyright Licence Agreement. The DSA also publishes its own Official learning materials but by allowing the use of this copyright material subsequently permits anyone to use the official DSA theory test questions in their products and therefore offers the learner driver more choice.  For more information on the types of Crown Copyright Licences available please click on the licence information on the top left hand side of this page.

Information regarding the reuse of The Highway Code can be found at the Direct.gov website, and facilitated by a “click-user” licence obtained by the Office of Public Sector Information. For information regarding the reuse of traffic signs please visit http://www.dft.gov.uk/trafficsignsimages

The different types of Crown Copyright licence currently issued can be found under the 'Licence Information' heading on the left hand side.

Copyright infringement
Whilst we actively encourage the licensed re-use of our material, we will protect it against any unlicensed use. We constantly monitor the use of our material and will pursue any case where material has been used without our permission. We strive to remedy breaches amicably but we will take any necessary legal action in order to protect Crown Copyright.  All infringements should be brought to the attention of the DSA’s Intellectual Property Department. 

Competition Act 1998

The DSA follow an open and transparent system of trading that aims to meet the terms of the Competition Act 1998.

The DSA logo is registered and as such must not be reproduced or used without prior approval from the Driving Standards Agency. Permission requests should be made using the consent form and returned to the Crown Copyright Manager at the DSA.
Corporate guidelines must be adhered to whenever the DSA logo is used. We reserve the right to withdraw permission to use the DSA logo in order to manage our reputation. 

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