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The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership is an action and advisory group, established in 2003 to take a lead in accelerating the shift to low carbon vehicles and fuels in the UK and to help ensure that UK business can benefit from that shift.

The LowCVP is a partnership of over 350 organisations from the automotive and fuel industries, the environmental sector, government, academia, road user groups and other organisations with a stake in the low carbon vehicles and fuels agenda.

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29 January 2010

The International Energy Agency's Chief Economist, Faith Birol, says that oil use in the developed, industrialized countries peaked in 2006-7 and will never return to those levels because of greater fuel efficiency and the use of alternatives. Ms Birol made the statement to journalists. The forecast is significant as the IEA advises 28 countries on energy policy and its forecasts are closely watched by the markets.  view more

28 January 2010

The Renewable Fuel Agency's (RFA) first annual report on the impacts of biofuels supplied in the first year of the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation reveals a wide range of performance between companies in terms of both meeting Government performance targets and in following sustainability reporting requirements.  view more

  27 January 2010

A new study into the presentation of CO2-related information on car makers' websites finds that, on average, only 52% of participants’ attempts are successful in finding the official CO2 rating for a particular car. Even in cases where users are able to retrieve a CO2 value for a particular model, only 68% of these are correct. The survey was commissioned by the Energy Saving Trust, FoE Europe and We are Futureproof. The results of the survey were presented in a LowCVP webinar.  view more

25 January 2010

A report by the Sustainable Development Commission (SDC) looks at how Information Communications Technology (ICT) could transform the way we choose to travel, and so make both our travel and our lifestyles more sustainable. It concludes that a concerted Government and business focus on ICT solutions could help provide answers to some of our most pressing transport problems.  view more

11 December 2009

The Business Secretary Lord Mandelson has announced a £19 million competition to support industry-led collaborative projects which focus on strengthening UK capability and developing the UK's supply networks for low and ultra low carbon vehicle projects.  view more