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Boarding School Provision for Vulnerable Children (BPVC): Pathfinder Evaluation

Children and Young People's Plan, Children's trusts, Education, Joint planning and commissioning, Multi-agency working, Parents, carers and families, Participation of children and young people, Social care, welfare, protection, Targeted youth support, Voluntary and community sector
Emerging practice
February 2009

This resource contains an independent report which supported the option of boarding school placements for some vulnerable children who might otherwise need to be taken into care; the evaluation findings written for young people and a press notice giving further information.

This independent evaluation* of a two-year Government pathfinder, published in February 2009, confirmed that boarding schools can be the right place for some vulnerable children to flourish both socially and academically; offering young people a stable environment while allowing them to maintain links with their family or carers, and providing continuity of education and pastoral care of the highest order to help each child achieve their potential. 

The report, by the Thomas Coram Research Unit, concluded that local authorities should continue to consider boarding school places as one of the range of options available when family or other care arrangements are at risk of breaking down.

For more information, go to the BVPC page.

*Boarding School Provision for Vulnerable Children Evaluation Report: Claire Maxwell, Elaine Chase, June Statham and Sonia Jackson, Thomas Coram Research Unit, © Institute of Education, University of London 2009 (DCSF-RR070, ISBN 978 1 84775 330 4)

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