Strategies for promoting cycling as an alternative form of transport for local journeys.

See also Walking and Cycling: an action plan, which sets out measures from across government to increase levels of active travel by creating places that people want to walk and cycle in.

The Department set up Cycling England in March 2005 to co-ordintate increases in cycling accross the country. For more information on the work of Cycling England, see

What the Department for Transport is doing to encourage cycling

Cycling has a major role in any sustainable transport strategy as it helps tackle congestion, local pollution and benefits health.

Cycle to Work Guarantee

We want to help enable more people to cycle into work by encouraging employers to sign up to the ‘Cycle to Work Guarantee.’

Cycle to Work Scheme - Implementation guidance

The following guidelines clarify how organisations can take advantage of the exemption to implement a Cycle to Work scheme that encourages employees to cycle to work and allows employers to reap the benefits of a healthier workforce.

28 October 2009

Cycle training grants - application form 2009-2010 (4 Mb)

Application form for local authorities to bid for cycle training grants for the 2009/2010 financial year.

30 December 2008

LTN 2/86 Shared Use by Cyclists and Pedestrians (538 kb)

This note was published in 1986. Although dated in parts, it remains generally current. We are reviewing our approach to updating it in the light of the publication of LTN 2/08 Cycle Infrastructure Design in October 2008 (see column on the right), and a new research contract expected to start in January 2009. (N.B. The date below refers to publication of LTN 2/86 on this website, not its actual publication date.)

19 May 2008

A sustainable future for cycling (1 Mb)

This document sets out the background to the Department's increased funding for Cycling England's programme for the next 3 years

21 January 2008

Cycling policy: an overview

An overview of government cycling policy in England, describing the roles of the different organisations involved and their responsibilities as well as answers to frequently asked questions on cycling matters.

01 June 2007

Bike Week 2007

Bike Week is the UK's annual celebration of cycling and this year will take place during 16-24 June. Over 1,500 local events will attract over 250,000 participants. All you need to join in the fun is a bike!

21 March 2007

Walking and cycling: 'Links to Schools' (2 Mb)

New walking and cycling routes that link residential areas to schools via the National Cycle Network, from DfT's funding to Sustrans to work with local authorities to provide safe routes to schools and reduce road congestion.

22 November 2006

DfT bike and rail policy document (1 Mb)

The Strategic Rail Authority (SRA) published their Cycling Policy advice and guidance to Train Operating Companies (TOCs) shortly before being wound up. DfT has since adopted the document as its own Bike and Rail Policy.

27 October 2006

DfT cycle parking project to extend cycle parking capacity at rail stations

The Department for Transport's 'Cycle Parking at Train Stations' project completed in early 2006.

16 October 2006

Local authority performance rating on cycling 2003 and 2004

Results of the 2003 and 2004 English Regional Cycling Development Team assessment of local highway authorities (LHA) provision for cyclists.

15 June 2006

Cycling Project Fund

Details of successful projects from the first and second rounds of the Cycling Projects Fund.

01 November 2005

Local authority cycling grant toolkit

Model conditions and assessment criteria for local authority grants schemes for cycling.

04 May 2005

Delivery of the National Cycling Strategy: A review

A review of the National Cycling Strategy (published in 1996) carried out by DfT, focusing on the mechanisms established for the delivery of cycling and the effect these have had on increasing cycling.

09 March 2005

Child cyclists training: National standard and guidelines (333 kb)

A new national standard for training adults and children to cycle safely on the road.

09 March 2005

The Nottingham Cycle Friendly Employers Project (174 kb)

Traffic Advisory Leaflet 09/01

10 January 2002

Bikeability launched to create a new generation of cyclists

The Bikeability scheme was launched in March 2007 and is being rolled out nationally to help get the nation’s children back on their bikes. The new training standard is designed to provide children with the on-road skills they need to handle modern traffic conditions.

26 March 2007

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