Local authority guidance

Road safety information, guidance and good practice for local authorities.

Advice about local road safety strategies (1 Mb)

The intention of this advice is to help all those involved in the development and implementation of local road safety strategies to enhance road safety delivery and thus improve casualty reduction. This document reflects the Departments new road safety strategy consultation; A Safer Way: Consultation on Making Britain’s Roads the Safest in the World (April 2009). It is designed specifically to assist the development of road safety strategies within or alongside local transport plans.

07 July 2009

Guidelines for evaluating road safety education interventions

Guidance to assist road safety officers and other practitioners in conducting road safety education evaluations.

Road Safety Good Practice Guide

The second publication in the good practice series on local transport. This guide shares advice to help achieve the targets set out in the Department's road safety strategy, Tomorrow's roads - safer for everyone.

08 October 2001
Last update:
21 February 2006

Guidance on local authority child safety audits

Child safety audits ecourage local authorities to recognise and respond to child road safety problems in their area.

02 September 2005

Tackling the road safety implications of disadvantage

Advice for local highway authorities on the need to address road safety issues within disadvantaged areas.

25 January 2006

Urban safety management guidelines (6 Mb)

Guidance for local authorities on a strategic approach to managing road safety in towns and cities.

28 July 2005

Report on the Gloucester Safer City Project

This project began in April 1996 and ran for five years until March 2001. Its main aim was to reduce casualties by at least one third by April 2002 (compared to the baseline average for 1991-95).

25 January 2006

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