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    Activities (Flash site)
    7-11 teachers' notes
        How to use this resource
        Learning objectives
        Curriculum Links
        Unit 1 - What are laws for?
            Our new school rules
            Why have rules?
            Laws where you live
            The school council challenge
                Downloadable activity sheets
                    Activity Sheet 1: Design a charter
                    Activity Sheet 2: Writing a newspaper report
        Unit 2 - Making the law work
            Smash and run
            On the line
            Pipe down, please!
            Sam's dictionary quiz
                Downloadable activity sheets
                    Activity Sheet 3 - Train driver talking to the children
                    Activity Sheet 4 - Trouble in the street
        Unit 3 - In Court
            In the Crown Court
            Who said what?
            Consider the evidence
            The verdict
            Talking it through
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