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Your Justice Your World is a comprehensive educational resource to
help young people from 7 to 16 understand the justice system. It has
been mapped very closely to the latest Citizenship and PSHE curricula,
and extensive support for teachers is provided throughout.

The activities in both the 7–11s and the 11–16s sections of the site are situated in a fictitious
but realistic UK town, Crownford Rise. The town is populated by a cast of characters who all
have dealings with the law as part of their daily lives.
Students interact with their stories and are invited to consider the dilemmas, discuss the issues
and voice their opinions on a range of situations covering aspects of criminal, civil and family
Similar topics are covered in the 7–11 and 11–16 sections, but at a different level of complexity;
students can work at whichever level best suits their ability. It is advisable to work through a
topic completely in one section or the other.
As a result of following the activities, the children will have a greater awareness, understanding
and respect for the law and legal processes.
Although most activities can be approached independently of other activities (i.e. you do not
have to go through the units/activities in any order), the resource does have some storylines
that run through the units and touch on various aspects of the justice system. It would make
sense to either omit or include all the activities that follow the storyline. For a list of the
storylines and the activities they affect, please go to the ‘How to use this resource’ section of the
7–11s or 11–16s teachers’ notes.
You can access the curriculum links to see how the activities link to the National Curriculum.
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