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The latest Met Office forecast

How it affects England's motorways and trunk roads


Tackling congestion by influencing travel behaviour

We aim to tackle congestion by providing access to information that enables people to make smarter travel choices.

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Windscreen Snow Driving During Severe Weather

Wind and rain, ice and snow - winter can throw the very worst at us. So to help you prepare for travel this season, here's some helpful advice.

Roadworks Roadworker Safety

See what we are doing to improve the safety of our roadworkers who are constantly at risk working next to fast moving traffic every day.

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£8.2 million M62 Works Start Early

Boost to West Yorkshire economy as works start early

Advance work to reduce congestion and improve safety on a 2.5-mile stretch of the M62 in West Yorkshire, started on Monday 25th January - thanks to £7 million Government fiscal stimulus funding.

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