Aviation is a major UK industry, carrying over 180 million passengers a year and over 2.1 million tonnes of freight. Demand for air travel is growing. The Government's aim is to develop a long-term framework that will maximise the beneficial aspects of aviation and minimise the negative ones. For an overview of what we do in relation to air read 'An introduction to air'.

Adding capacity at Heathrow Airport

Consultations and accompanying documents on the development of Heathrow Airport.

Air traffic management

Provides information on Single European Sky (SES), National Air Traffic Services (NATS), Lower Airspace Radar Services (LARS), and other air traffic control issues.

Air traffic forecasts

This section contains copies of the Air Traffic Forecast publication.


Detailed information relating to all aspects of airports including development, aircraft maintenance, and air freight studies.

Aviation safety

Information regarding aviation safety including Dft's Transport Security Division's mission statement and information on foreign airlines (or individual aircraft) that are being refused permits to operate commercial services to the UK.

Domestic issues

Government responses to Select Committee and Transport Committee reports on domestic issues, and the sponsorship statement for the Civil Aviation Authority.

Environmental issues

This section contains information on various environmental issues including aircraft noise, sleep disturbance, health in aircraft cabins and disruptive behaviour on board UK aircraft, and on the Project for the Sustainable Development of Heathrow.

Health and consumer issues

This section contains information on various issues including health in aircraft cabins and disruptive behaviour on board UK aircraft.

Aviation permits

Any operator of a foreign-registered aircraft must obtain an Aviation Permit from the Secretary of State for Transport before operating in UK airspace. Details of how to apply for and obtain such permits can be found in the links below.

International services

The Department for Transport's work on improving international services for the UK.


Aviation research.

An introduction to air

An introduction to the aviation industry.

24 January 2007

Royal and Ministerial Air Travel Project

Every year members of the royal family and senior government ministers undertake some 2,000 journeys by air in support of Government business and to support a wide range of public engagements. This document looks at the role of the royal and ministerial air travel project.

25 May 2007
Last update:
26 March 2008

Royal and ministerial air travel project - frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about the Royal and ministerial air travel project.

25 May 2007
Last update:
26 March 2008

Useful links for aviation

Useful links to other sites for aviation.

18 January 2005
Last update:
06 March 2009

Glossary of Useful Terms

A list of terms associated with Aviation.

18 January 2006

Email contacts

13 January 2006

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