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Revised Limits on Payments Under Employment Rights Legislation
Feb 1: Limits on awards and payment made to workers in certain employment rights cases will be revised from 1st February under the annual index-linked formula.
Government celebrates apprenticeships and urges business to recruit in the recovery
Feb 1: The government today launched National Apprenticeship Week, celebrating the commitment of employers to recruit apprentices and urging people to look at the benefits to their skills and career of becoming an apprentice.
Pensions Regulator Delivering Outstanding Better Regulation
Jan 29: The Pensions Regulator has made strong progress putting better regulation principles into practice according to a new report from the Better Regulation Executive published today.
Government Takes Decision on Nottingham Evening Post
Jan 29: The Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills has declined the request from the owners of the Nottingham Evening Post to be released from the requirement to have an independent editorial board for the newspaper.
Better Regulation at the Maritime and Coastguard Agency
Jan 29: The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) has made progress putting better regulation principles into practice according to a new report from the Better Regulation Executive published today.

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Latest speeches: – Making Public Data public

January 21, 2010

Stephen Timms MP

Stephen Timms launches, a major new website giving the public free and unprecedented access to government data together in one place.

He said: “Freeing up public data will create major new opportunities for businesses. By allowing industry to use data creatively they can develop new services and generate economic value from it.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for UK firms to secure better value for money in service delivery and to develop innovative services which will help to grow the economy.”

AoC/ ALP Skills Conference: From Strategy to Reality

Kevin Brennan MP
Speech by: Kevin Brennan MP
Venue: AoC/ ALP Skills Conference, London

Kevin Brennan talks about forthcoming changes for the further education and skills sector

“Skills are an essential part of the national recovery plan. The strategic goals we want to achieve through the skills system remain much as they ever were. But the new context of the need to support British business and British people out of recession and into recovery give our work to achieve them a new urgency.”

Britain’s Creative Industries

Stephen Timms MP

Speech by: Stephen Timms MP
Venue: Oxford Media Convention

Stephen Timms said: “As Minister for Digital Britain, it’s my job to secure future success in the creative industries. Making sure we have world-class infrastructure, a sound intellectual property regime and the right skills in the workforce. Government activism is a practical necessity.”

Read the full speech on the Digital Britain website.

Friend or Foe: Is the EU good for Business

January 14, 2010

mandelsonSpeech by: Lord Mandelson
Business for New Europe Event, London

In this speech, Peter Mandelson argues the EU is central to Britain’s recovery and sustainable growth and that Britain’s business interests, will always be best served through an active policy of engagement and debate by the British Government and business with the EU.

“Britain’s economic recovery depends on Europe’s economy recovery, whether it is European demand which represents our biggest market, or the European response to the financial crisis…”

“…The next five years are going to be critically important. We need business and government working side by side in Brussels, not just on the defensive regulatory agenda, but to shape a whole new positive agenda for EU governance and growth.”

European Cleaner Racing Conference

January 13, 2010

Lord Drayson

Speech by: Lord Drayson
Venue: European Cleaner Racing Conference, Birmingham NEC

Lord Drayson explores the crucial links between motorsport, green technologies, and winning hearts and minds in a low-carbon world.

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