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ESRC Society Today Terms of Use


  • "The ESRC" - the Economic and Social Research Council
  • "The Website","The Site", "The Service" - the ESRC Society Today website at or on any other domain(s) controlled by The ESRC.
  • "The User" - the person browsing the Site or using any information obtained from or via the Site
  • "Content" - all information, data and material published to the ESRC Society Today Service - as distinct from materials that are re-published through  the Service from External Sites
  • "External Sites" - non-ESRC, third (3rd) party sites or services from which content may be displayed through the ESRC Society Today Service.


Use of the Website ESRC Society Today, by you The User, or otherwise using the Service provided by the ESRC, is subject to the following Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions take effect on your first use of the Website and by using the Site you agree to be legally bound by them on a continuing basis. 

ESRC may change these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice. All updates to these Terms and Conditions will be found at this webpage. Please ensure you check this webpage regularly to be sure you are still willing to be bound by any Terms and Conditions that may have changed. Continued use of the Site after changes to the Terms and Conditions are updated on this webpage constitutes your continuing agreement to be legally bound by the latest version of the Terms and Conditions. 

Basis of Provision of the Service and Limitation of ESRC's Liability

The Service is provided free of charge for general information purposes only - it does not constitute advice and should not be relied upon. Whilst ESRC endeavours to take reasonable steps to ensure the information and any other Content is accurate and current, ESRC is unable to guarantee and does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information. Accordingly, ESRC accepts no responsibility for any loss which may arise from the use of or reliance on the information contained within this Site. 

Whilst ESRC believes the research it supports is of high quality, and supports peer review of all research outputs generated by award holders, ESRC is not liable in relation to any conclusions that might be drawn or actions that might be taken on the basis of research it funds, including preliminary findings of research that might be altered during the normal scientific process of peer review. 

All searches within the Site are performed by an automated system - ESRC makes no warranty as to the quality, accuracy or currency of the information contained within search results. In the event that searches return inappropriate or offensive information, ESRC will not be responsible or liable directly or indirectly for this in any way. 

Intellectual Property Rights 

Use of Content

All rights in the pages and contents of this Site are reserved by the ESRC or individual authors. © ESRC 2005-2008. For database right purposes the ESRC is the maker of the Site.

No part of this Site or its contents may be reproduced, extracted, communicated to the public, distributed, or otherwise used other than for private study or non-commercial research as permitted by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (as amended).

All reproductions require an acknowledgement of the Service and the author of the work.

The ESRC gives no representations, warranties or undertakings in respect of Content made available on or via the Site including without limitation any non-infringement of intellectual property rights. However the ESRC will endeavour to clear all copyright material (other than material from third party links) for use on the Site.

Supply of Content

Any person who supplies Content to the Site represents, warrants and undertakes that this Content will not infringe the rights (including without limitation intellectual property rights) of any third party and will not otherwise be unlawful.

All documents and other files submitted by award holders in association with ESRC funded research using electronic or other means are accordingly assumed not to breach the ownership of intellectual property rights of persons or bodies other than ESRC. This includes use of automatic upload mechanisms offered by the ESRC website, and in particular assumes that any version of a research output provided by an award holder is intended for future publication, and that the award holder owns copyright or has obtained permission for publication from the copyright holder. 

ESRC requires of its award holders that they do not act in any manner that could potentially breach ownership of intellectual property rights of persons or bodies outside of ESRC. If you suspect a breach of intellectual property rights has occurred or may occur in the future, you should contact ESRC at - please also see our Complaints Procedure/Notice and Takedown Procedure below. 

Links to External Sites / Third Party Data Sources 

The Site contains information taken from third party data suppliers within its Content and within results that the search engine may return to you, and also contains links to third party websites. ESRC is not responsible for the content of such sites, or the information that is returned from them. Where information from a third party site is returned to you as or within a search match, the ESRC will endeavour to ensure that it will be clearly marked as such for your reference. 

You agree to treat such information and links from third party websites as being provided for your information and convenience only - ESRC does not necessarily endorse the information, links, or the third party websites from which the information and links originate. Should you access a third party website from the ESRC website, you also agree to follow any terms and conditions that the third party website imposes on you. 

Your use of the ESRC website

You agree to use this Site only for lawful purposes and in a manner that does not infringe the rights of or restrict or inhibit the use and enjoyment of this Site by any third party, and you agree to comply with the Acceptable Content and Use Policy as below. 

You agree that you will indemnify, defend and hold ESRC (including any of its employees and other users) harmless from any liabilities, losses, claims, fees or costs that may arise or result from your use of the Service. 

The ESRC may make changes to the material on this Site at any time without notice. The material on this Site may be out of date, and the ESRC makes no commitment to update such material.

Acceptable Content and Use Policy 

You may not use the Site or Content submitted or posted to it in any way that; 

  • disrupts the normal flow of dialogue within the Site;
  • infringes any copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, other proprietary rights, or rights of publicity or privacy in any way;
  • is illegal or otherwise unlawful;
  • is in breach of these Terms and Conditions (including Section 8 (Discussion Forums) below);
  • has not been requested, including un-solicited bulk Email or spamming;
  • is libellous, abusive, menacing or offensive or that may harass or cause distress or inconvenience to any person;
  • is obscene, vulgar, pornographic or is otherwise against public policy; and/or
  • facilitates the transmission of any virus or other material that could potentially damage the the Site, and any computers or internet services that are connected to it.

You must not attempt to interfere with the Site or its workings. In particular, you must not try to break security, tamper with, hack into, or otherwise disrupt any computer system, server, website, router, or any other device connected to the Site. If we become aware of any violation of these terms, ESRC reserves the right to take action to stop the violation. This may include removal of information, suspension or removal of a user from the Site, and the provision of relevant information to external bodies where required by law or regulation.

ESRC has no obligation to monitor or censor any information that users store within the Site or transmit through it, and ESRC is not responsible for any injury, damage, or offence that results from such storage and transmission of information. 

ESRC reserves the right to suspend or remove a user from the Site or remove any Content if it is considered that there is or is likely to be a breach of security, or if it is believed that use of the Site is contrary to these Terms and Conditions or for any other reason at the ESRC's sole discretion. ESRC will try to discuss any incident with appropriate users before taking action in these respects, but cannot guarantee to do so.


Where you register with ESRC in order to access all or part of the Service you agree to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself when registering with the Service, and to maintain and keep the registration information you provide true, accurate, current and complete. If any information that you provide (or that ESRC has reasonable grounds to believe that you have provided) proves to be untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, ESRC reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account, and to refuse you access to the Service in the future. 

As part of registration, you may give us your Email address. We may use this to send you communications such as service announcements and as set out in our Privacy Policy at 11 below. Giving your Email address as part of registration is not compulsory, but you will not have access to all functionality offered by the service if you do not provide it. In particular, you will be unable to subscribe for Email alerts, and will be unable to post messages to discussion forums. 

You agree to take reasonable care to keep your Username and Password confidential and you will not permit any other person to use them, whether on your behalf or otherwise.

Discussion Forums 

This section governs use of the Site's discussion forums, and applies to all users either directly or indirectly, registered or otherwise. All users may read forums, however only registered users that have supplied an Email address that is subsequently validated may actively participate in discussion forums; this includes posting messages to open and closed forums, and for closed forums posting articles and other items by attachment, and accessing certain press releases. Certain closed discussion forums containing ESRC press releases can only be accessed by permission of an appropriate ESRC moderator. 

ESRC editorial staff are entitled to monitor all postings and attachments submitted to discussion forums, and can at any time remove without warning any posting or attachment that is deemed at the sole discretion of ESRC to be in contravention of its Terms and Conditions, or is unacceptable for any other reason. ESRC editorial staff may also edit postings and attachments to correct any spelling or grammatical errors, and to ensure that postings and attachments comply with the requirements of the Terms and Conditions. 

Whilst using the Site's discussion forums, you must not be unduly provocative, or submit inflammatory messages. You must not abuse nor personally attack any other user for any reason, including reasons of race, disability, sexuality, colour, gender or religious beliefs. You should use moderate, temperate language. You must not publicly argue with a moderator's decision: if you feel that you have a valid complaint, you should raise the complaint privately with the moderator first, and subsequently use the Complaints Procedure described below if you feel that the complaint has not been properly dealt with. 

You must keep discussion threads relevant to topic, and relevant to the current discussion and to the remit of the forum within which you are participating. ESRC reserves the right to remove postings or attachments that are believed by ESRC editorial staff to possess insufficient relevancy to topic. 

You may use the Site's discussion forums to provide links to third party websites only if they are explicitly relevant to the current discussion, and to the remit of the forum within which you are participating. ESRC reserves the right to remove third party links that are believed by ESRC editorial staff to possess insufficient relevancy to topic. 

You agree that for content management purposes, ESRC editorial staff may move a discussion thread to a more appropriate forum, may close a discussion thread, and may edit or remove a posting or attachment. 

Foul and abusive postings and attachments will not be tolerated under any circumstances. ESRC reserves the right to exclude users from any or all ESRC website discussion forums for this reason, or for any other reason deemed to be appropriate by ESRC editorial staff.

Website Hosting 

The Site contains facilities that, subject to authorisation by our website administration team, permit registered users to construct their own websites or 'mini sites' residing within the Site as part of the Service. Our administration team will normally authorise only certain registered users to construct 'mini sites' using these facilities, namely ESRC personnel, our award holders, and personnel engaged by our Research Centres and Programmes and similar organizations. 

All 'mini sites' constructed and maintained using the facilities provided may be employed for research and/or personal use. Persons constructing and maintaining such 'mini sites' are solely responsible for the content shown on all pages, and for obtaining legal permission for any content included within the 'mini site' for which the copyright is not owned by the persons constructing and maintaining the 'mini site', including citation requirements. Persons constructing and maintaining 'mini sites' are also solely responsible for ensuring that the contents of all pages within 'mini sites' do not violate any laws. 

The sharing of software (including emulators or ROMs) or files (including documents, music and video) to which the persons constructing and maintaining 'mini sites' do not own copyright or do not have permission to publish is not permitted. 'Mini sites' must not contain or support pornographic material, foul or abusive language, slanderous or libelous content, promotion of violence, terrorism, racial, sexual or political discrimination, or any other content that ESRC deems inappropriate. ESRC reserves the right to be sole judge of whether 'mini site' content falls under any of these categories, and has the right to withdraw pages from a 'mini site' or an entire 'mini site' should ESRC deem this necessary. 

ESRC reserves the right to monitor 'mini sites' that put a drain on server resources (e.g. contain large archives of image files or data), and to limit server resources available to 'mini sites' at our discretion. The use of custom scripts on any of our servers is not permitted; therefore 'mini sites' must only be generated using the templates provided. ESRC also reserves the right to limit or withdraw functionality connected with 'mini sites' or to take them down for security reasons or for any other reason in its sole discretion at any time. 

ESRC does not guarantee to keep backups of the information stored on 'mini sites', and we therefore strongly recommend that backups are kept by persons constructing and maintaining 'mini sites'. 

The material on this Site is provided "as is", without any conditions, warranties or other terms of any kind. Accordingly, to the maximum extent permitted by law, ESRC provides you with this Site on the basis that ESRC excludes all representations, warranties, conditions and other terms (including, without limitation, the conditions implied by law of satisfactory quality, fitness for purpose and the use of reasonable care and skill) which but for this legal notice might have effect in relation to this Site or the Service. 

  1. ESRC, and ESRC's officers, directors, employees, or agents of any of them, exclude all liability and responsibility for any amount or kind of loss or damage that may result to you or a third party (including without limitation, any direct, indirect, punitive or consequential loss or damages, or any loss of income, profits, goodwill, data, contracts, use of money, or loss or damages arising from or connected in any way to business interruption, and whether in tort (including without limitation negligence), contract or otherwise) in connection with this Site or the Service in any way. 
  2. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall exclude or limit ESRC's liability for: 
  3. death or personal injury caused by negligence (as such term is defined by the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977); or 
  4. fraud; or
  5. misrepresentation as to a fundamental matter; or any liability which cannot be excluded or limited under applicable law.
  6. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law. Disputes arising in connection with the Service and this Site shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Privacy Policy 

ESRC takes the privacy of your information very seriously. The Site is run on behalf of ESRC by Amaze Ltd. By using our Service, you will be deemed to have consented to the collection and use of the personal information that you provide in the ways described below. 

Use of your Personal Data ESRC is the data controller (under the Data Protection Act 1998) of any of your personal details ESRC may hold about you. We may collect information about you from your registration (eg email address), when you update your information via this Site, when you contact ESRC directly to update your information, when we (or agents acting on our behalf) contact you, or any institution or research body that you belong to, and when we gather survey data on outputs produced from our research awards. We may collect general information (such as IP address, operating system and browser) as you browse the site to allow us to conduct general trend analysis on site usage, and to help us to improve our Service for all of our users. 

When we provide information about you to third parties

Except as described elsewhere in these Terms and Conditions, or when the Electronic Commerce Directive and other legislation requires it, we do not in general provide any personal information regarding users of our website to third parties or other users, and only reveal necessary details of a person to other persons in order to support appropriate communication and collaboration between users. 

We may disclose personal, business or trading details should we need to pursue action against a user who violates our Terms and Conditions, copyrights, intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights. We may also disclose such information to any government, law enforcement or regulatory agency that properly requests it. 

How we keep our system secure

Our system has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. These security measures include firewalls, data backup procedures and where appropriate, encryption and secure internet transactions. Despite these measures, "perfect security" on the internet does not exist. 

Protection of your login names and passwords

If you believe that the security of your login (Username and Password) has been breached, you should contact us immediately. We may keep certain personal details on our system to allow us to identify you in the event that you forget or lose your Username or Password. 

Our data protection registration

We appear on the Data Protection Register, Our registration number is Z8694438.

Purposes for which your Personal Data is used

We may use any personal data we collect to:

  • Administer the ESRC website, and personalise content shown to you reflecting our perception of your interests as more particularly described above
  • Send you email alerts that you have requested
  • Facilitate capture of data relevant to our research awards
  • Request your agreement to add your contact information and details to a database accessible by other users of the service
  • Conduct general trend analysis on the usage of this site
  • Allow you to use interactive features of the service
  • Send you communications such as service announcements, including details of any changes to the service
  • Assist our award holders to administer their awards, including automatic upload of award abstracts, maintenance of a list of outputs associated with each award within the library of award output information on this site, and submission of End of Award Reports according to an agreed template. This will involve automatic registration and profile creation for our award holders upon their acceptance of ESRC funding for the purposes of conducting research.

To obtain a copy of the information held about you by the ESRC Society Today, please contact ESRC at 

Use of Cookies and IP Addresses

Cookies are small files which the Site will transfer to your hard disk at your request (for example, so that you do not automatically need to re-enter your username and password in order to access areas of the site restricted to registered users).

Cookies are used to keep track of your Username should you wish to login automatically, and in some circumstances for the Service to keep track of any personalised display features associated with you. We also use 'session cookies' to maintain the state of your Site use during a session - these are not stored on our server or on your computer, and are removed shortly after your browser session is completed. If you disable or restrict session cookies, you may not be able to make full use of the Service. 

The ESRC website does not use third party cookies, and no cookie information is passed by ESRC to any third party.

If you do not wish to manage and/or not use any ESRC cookies and to reject them then you may do this by following the guidance at

For more information on cookies go to

Complaints Procedure/Notice and Takedown Procedure

If you wish to make a complaint about this Site, you should contact the ESRC web team at If you consider that the complaint has not been properly dealt with, then the ESRC operates a Complaints Procedure

In addition, if you have any complaint about the content on the Site (for example, you consider it defamatory, an infringement of your rights or otherwise) you should contact providing as much information as you can about the grounds for your complaint. The ESRC in its sole discretion and without liability to any person will then consider whether to remove ("take down") the offending items.

Linking Policy

If you would like to link to this Site, you may only do so on the basis that you give prior notice to the ESRC at that you agree to these Terms and Conditions and that you also only link to, but do not replicate, the home page of this Site, and subject to the following further conditions:

  1. you do not remove, distort or otherwise alter the size or appearance of the ESRC logo;
  2. you do not create a frame or any other browser or border environment around this Site;
  3. you do not in any way imply that the ESRC is endorsing any products or services other than its own;
  4. you do not misrepresent your relationship with the ESRC nor present any other false information about the ESRC; and 
  5. your website does not contain content that is distasteful, offensive or controversial, infringes any intellectual property rights or other rights of any other person or otherwise does not comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

The ESRC expressly reserves the right to revoke the right granted above for breach of these terms or for any other reason in its sole discretion and to take any action it deems appropriate.

You shall fully indemnify the ESRC for any loss or damage suffered by ESRC for breach of this section.