Northern Ireland

Financial services is an important industry in Northern Ireland. There are over 23,000 people working in 1200 companies, ranging from banks to insurance firms.

What career opportunities could there be for you?

Career paths in the industry in Northern Ireland have been expanding steadily over recent years and today include retail and corporate banking, insurance, fund administration, legal and compliance, actuarial, software development, infrastructure management and operations roles. Visit the Directions High Street to find out more about the range of career opportunities in the sector.

There are many major international financial services companies who have a presence in Northern Ireland, including Citi, The Allstate Corporation, Liberty Mutual and NYSE Euronext in addition to Halifax (HBoS), Abbey (Banco Santander), Danske Bank and Bank of Ireland.

Northern Ireland has exceptionally strong credentials in financial services technology and is a European leader for software development in the sector. Sophisticated software development for major financial institutions in London, New York, Frankfurt and Tokyo is undertaken in the region and the sector continues to grow. To find out more about technology roles, view the job profile and visit the ‘bring it on' website -

Find our more about the financial services labour market in Northern Ireland by downloading the Industry Factsheet.

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