Accreditation of Training Excellence for Firms

Accreditation of Training Excellence for Firms

Gain a competitive edge in the financial services industry.
This scheme is designed especially for you if you can show how your investment in internal training and development (T&D) produces a solid business outcome.

It'll give you independent acknowledgement for the benefits your investment in T&D has produced for your firm.
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Important Notice


Current Situation

The Training Quality Standard (TQS) was launched this year by the Learning and Skills Council (LSC), its aim is to recognise the delivery of high quality employer responsive training.


Future Developments

There is an employer version of the TQS and therefore the FSSC intends to move to this to this scheme rather than continuing with our accreditation of training excellence for firms. We intend to move to this scheme early 2009.


‘We recognise that training is absolutely key to business success in the financial services sector. It's crucial for staff development and customer satisfaction, as well as forming an important part of the service and value we provide to IFAs and other partners. This accreditation is an external measure of the quality of our staff and distributor training and we are delighted with the achievement.'

John Hutton
UK Learning and Development Manager
Friends Provident


'The training excellence award demonstrates to the outside world how important our investment in training and staff development is and is a positive signal to existing and prospective staff considering Nsure as a future employer. This has also been demonstrated in the past 18 months with support for three of our staff graduating as Chartered Financial Planners from the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and the youngest financial advisor to be awarded a Fellowship, the highest qualification available for financial advisers.'

Tony Cohen
Managing Director
Nsure Financial Services Ltd

‘Being the first bank or building society to gain accreditation makes us incredibly proud. It demonstrates that our investment in training and staff development not only adds value by delivering solid business outcomes but also supports business change, which in turn will have a positive impact on customers, members and staff. It also gives a great message to staff considering Chelsea as a future employer.'

Jeff Farish
Division Staff Development
Chelsea Building Society

Our Sector Skills Agreement research shows that 74% of employers carry out in-house training. Why not enhance the quality of your training by gaining FSSC Accreditation?


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