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Supporting you in the downturn

We understand that in the current economic climate some people may have concerns about what the future may hold for their employment prospects. As with many sectors, some employers in financial services, accountancy and finance have been affected by the current economic climate.

While financial services, accountancy and finance face immediate challenges, they are and will continue to be important sectors to the UK economy. There will continue to be a range of opportunities at various levels for skilled people.

The message from industry is one that encourages individuals to consider the career options in financial services, accountancy and finance. There remains a breadth of strong opportunities within these sectors. Talented people are one of the key platforms for the growth of these industries, their development and diversification.

Directions can help you with your research. Along with a range of job profiles, information on education and training options, and tips on preparing a CV, Directions can also signpost you to a range of source of other advice and guidance that may be relevant to your personal situation.

Please see a list of sources of information, advice and guidance that can support you during this time:

Careers Advice
Careers Advice Service advice for staff being made redundant

Careers Advice
General Careers Advice and Guidance

Careers Scotland
Careers Scotland redundancy advice for individuals

Careers Service Northern Ireland
Careers Service NI Redundancy advice for individuals

Careers Wales
Careers Wales Redundancy advice for individuals

Chartered Institute of Management Accountants
Managing your career in a downturn: remain competitive in this challenging global environment

Jobcentre Plus
Department for Work and Pensions

PACE (Partnership Action for Continuing Employment) - Scotland
Partnership Action for Continuing Employment
Helpline Number - 0808 100 1855

Union Learn
Advice and guidance available through the unions


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