Oakwood Pupil Support Centre

Unique reference number 134158

Contact information

Oakwood Lane Centre

Opposite Fearnville Leisure Centre

Oakwood Lane


West Yorkshire


Telephone number: 0113 2143404

Fax number: 0113 2143406


Gender: Mixed

Age range: 5-11

Number of pupils on roll: 1


Description: Pupil referral unit

Religious character: Not Applicable

Boarding provision: No

Specialist status: Not applicable

Latest reports

Latest Inspection date Publication date
Subject or survey visit feedback letter as pdf 02/06/2009 31/07/2009

Reports archive

Previous reports Inspection date Publication date
Section 5 Inspection
Section 5 Inspection as pdf
15/10/2008 10/11/2008
Section 5 Inspection
Section 5 Inspection as pdf
28/11/2005 04/01/2006

Information from other websites

This school may have achievement and attainment tables on the DCSF website.