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Twenty questions for early years and childcare providers

Keeping children at the heart of all that happens

1. How confident are you that nothing in your policies and procedures hinders you in welcoming children from all backgrounds and children with learning difficulties and/or disabilities?
2. Do all the children you care for have access to all the activities you offer? If not, why? How could you make them accessible?
3. How clear is your vision for where your provision should be in three years’ time, and about the steps you will take to get there?
4. How well do you know each child’s current stage of development and plan for their next steps?
5. How involved are parents in what you plan and do for children?
6. How well do you respond to any complaints, including any allegations about staff?

Keeping children safe

7. How well do you help children to learn about keeping themselves safe?
8. How do you talk with parents about keeping children safe at home?
9. How confident are you in identifying any potential case of child neglect or abuse, and in responding appropriately when you are concerned that the welfare of a child may not be properly protected?
10. How rigorously do you assess and manage risks to children?
11. How rigorously do you investigate any concerns and complaints, and resolve any issues identified, to improve children’s safety?

Improving your practice

12. How well do you think about what you do and evaluate how good it is?
13. How well do you and those working with you learn new skills, keeping up to date with changes and improving your practice for children and their families?
14. How well do adults who work with you, parents and children contribute to ongoing improvements in your setting?
15. What external help and resources do you look for and use to help improve the quality of your provision? When you use this help, how do you assess how useful it has been?
16. How can you make best use of the self-evaluation form Ofsted provides to support you in further improving your provision for children?

Providing a well organised environment

17. How well does the way you use space and resources support and extend children’s all-round development, in and out of doors?
18. How well do you organise the setting and overcome obstacles to provide a stimulating environment that responds to the particular needs of each child?

Using records well to support children’s welfare, learning and development

19. How well do you use your records to help you manage your provision?
20. How can you demonstrate what your assessments and plans are for each child?

And finally...

What three things will you do next to further improve the way you organise, lead and manage your service for children?

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Please tell us about any improvements you have made as a result of Leading to excellence by completing the questionnaire.