Art Map

Help put art on the map. Join us as we match artworks in our collection with locations they depict.

Phase 1: Locations

We have already tagged around 20,000 artworks with locations. Now we need to put these locations on the map. Take Stonehenge for example, once we have mapped that single location, all our artworks tagged with Stonehenge are then mapped.


Phase 2: Artworks Coming soon

Once we have mapped locations, the real fun begins: mapping artworks, viewpoints and subjects. See that bend in the river, know where it is? Is that the oak tree that blew down in '87? Do you recognise this street in your town?

Phase 3: Art Map Coming soon

With your help gathering the locations we'll be in a great position to publish an interactive map featuring tens of thousands of works in the Tate Collection. We can't wait!