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Welcome to the July 2009 issue

Inside view from Her Majesty's Chief Inspector

Over the last couple of months we have been running a number of conferences for local authorities and nominated headteachers on the new arrangements for school inspections from September. These have gone well – with over 700 people joining us to hear about the important changes to the way we inspect schools.

The changes include doubling the amount of time we spend in classrooms observing teaching; ensuring better engagement with staff about ways of improving, and placing greater emphasis on the views of parents and pupils. We are also ensuring that our inspection resources are targeted where they can make the most difference – focusing on less well performing schools, with longer periods between inspections for those judged good or outstanding. Headteachers have told us following their pilot inspections that the new arrangements are working well – people have been positive about both their greater involvement in the inspection process and the clearer recommendations we are leaving for improvement. You can find out more about school inspections from September 2009 in this issue.

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