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New rules for migrants

12 November 2009

Every migrant who enters the UK will require ‘permission’ to stay under new draft proposals published in parliament.

Under measures in the draft Immigration Bill (new window), the five current application categories available to migrants will be replaced by one clear concept - ‘permission’ to be in the UK. With this new approach, migrants will either be granted permission or refused, making the rules easier for applicants and staff. Those in the UK must gain permission or face removal for breaking the law. 

New streamlined system

We've also published proposals for a new streamlined asylum support system. The suggested shake up includes proposals to:

  • make the principles of the asylum system clear to all who apply, rewarding those who play by the rules and getting tough with those who do not
  • streamline the current complex system of support to make it easier to understand and easier to operate
  • do more to ensure the system works towards the return of those who have been found to have no protection needs and who have no right to be in the United Kingdom. 

Read the full story (new window) on the UK Border Agency website.

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