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Norwich library

Library Review reaction

Library future relies on focus on customers

The outdated concept of library 'members' should be replaced with 'customers', entitled to first class service, online and in buildings. Responding to the publication of the DCMS Modernisation Review consultation, MLA Chief Executive Roy Clare said: "Decisions to ensure the library service is as life-changing for the next 100 years as it was for the last, need to be taken with full consideration and public consent, so consultation is essential. Meanwhile, it is vital that the immediate work to deliver and improve library services at a time of extreme spending pressure, goes on.

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Improving a library service

MLA can support change in library services

Before any decision to introduce change is made it’s important for local authorities to know about the models of good practice that already exist.

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New Designation fund

New Designation funding adds to investment in improvement

The new Designation Development Fund (DDF) represents a new more targeted approach to the funding of Designated Collections.

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Museum Action Plan

Turning curators from keepers to sharers

MLA develops National Action Plan for Museums, charting a future based on the museum sector working together on - Supporting Excellence; Promoting Partnerships and Building Capacity

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Broadband in libraries

High speed broadband access for public libraries

Greater access to high speed broadband for the public in libraries across England is now possible thanks to an agreement brokered by the MLA.

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