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3. Effective operational functions for 2,000 journalists

3.1 "Media Centre regarded by journalists as most respected Government media site ever"

Not met

Journalists were asked in a survey to rate how the media centre section of the London Summit site compared with other Government media sites. 40% rated it as about the same, or worse than comparable sites.


The 47 respondents to the survey that self-identified as journalists were directed to a custom page. Here they were asked to rate how the media centre section compared against other Government media websites, and how useful they found it to be.

Figure 2: How does the media centre section compare with other Government media sites?

Figure 2

Although the wording of this KPI is open to interpretation, it is clear that journalists did not collectively regard the site as being the best of its kind: only 60% rated it as slightly better or a lot better than comparable government sites (see fig.3).

However, when asked how useful they found the site, 93% rated it as fairly or very useful (see evaluation of KPI 4, fig. 4).

Figure 3: How useful did you find the media centre section of the site?

Figure 3

Additionally, when asked to state any particular likes or dislikes about the site, journalists made a total of 7 positive comments on the site’s media services (out of a total of 90 positive comments), and no negative comments on the site’s media services whatsoever. Example:

"If only the press room at the ExCel center, and the access to it, had been as good as the web site"

Although it is clear that overall journalists regarded the site well, once again the stringent wording of the KPI precludes a rating other than not met.

3.2 "Live streaming of all press conferences / keynote speeches"

Partially met

Although the entire summit itself was streamed, no other events were streamed live.


In addition to streaming the whole summit, a considerable quantity of same-day video was published, largely as a result of the FCO Digital Diplomacy Group’s partnership with British Satellite News.

Furthermore, the inclusion of video content was well liked by visitors, garnering comments such as:

"Good use of social networks and videos…"

3.3 "The site is reliable (minimal down time) and meets AA accessibility at all times"

Partially met

From its launch until the end of the summit the site was available almost continually, and can definitely be said to have been reliable. 

The site’s HTML page templates complied with level-AA accessibility. However, actual page content frequently caused pages to fail even level-A accessibility compliance.


Site uptime was 99.82% from launch on Jan 29 2009 to April 8 2009.

The site’s HTML page templates met AA standard accessibility according to the WCAG 1.0 guidelines, and were tested with real users for accessibility. However, content was frequently not provided in an accessible format, most obviously (although by no means limited to) the absence of captioning or subtitling in the site’s video content.

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