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Statistics - Evaluation of London Summit web presence

The key aim was to measure and evaluate engagement with the London Summit via the various strands of its web presence:

  • London Summit website  -
  • Partner sites – YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Yoosk! and Vox EU
  • Wider web presence – non-branded blogs and posts

All charts show key viewing figures for the web presence. Unless stated figures are given for the period up to 29 April 2009.

1. Visits and page views
2. Country analysis
3. Editor’s Blog and Yoosk!
4. YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and Live streaming
5. Commentries on Vox EU
6. Wider web presence

1. Visits and page views

Chart 1: Unique daily visitors
Unique daily visitors
Chart 2: Page views
Page views
  • Total unique visitors over the period from 29 January to 29 April 2009 is equal to 446,579.
  • Peak in traffic on the day of the Summit is equal to 50,640 unique visitors; 207,602 page views.
  • Total page views equal to 2,588,736 (Note: not represented by any charts above).
Chart 3: Top 10 page requests
Top 10 page requests
  • The Summit Aims section has the most requested pages on the site, totalling more than 70,000 requests.
Note: Page request data does not include clickins

2. Country analysis

Chart 4: Unique visitors (percentage share of the top ten countries)

Country share (%)

Chart 5: Unique visitors (from the top ten countries)
Visit numbers by the top 10 countries
  • The UK accounted for half of all visitors to the London Summit website (50.2%).
  • Total UK visitors to the site: 224,310.
  • The United States’ share of visitors is just under 14% (61,679 visitors).
  • Other countries accounted for less than 2.5% each of total visitors.

3. Editor’s Blog and Yoosk!

Chart 6: Daily unique visitors for Editors' Blog

Daily unique visitors for editor's blog
Editor’s Blog:
  • There was a surge in visitor numbers in the few days around the London Summit , with a peak on 31 March (828 visitors).
  • On 2 April there were 630 visitors.

Yoosk! :

  • There were a total of 7,668 visits and 26,898 page views.
  • 491 questions and 53 answers.
Chart 7: Top ten traffic sources for Yoosk!

     Traffic sources for Yoosk!:

     1. Direct
     3. Google
     4. BERR
     5. Netmums
     6. Twitter
     7. The RSA
     8. CLG
     9. BBC
     10. Facebook

4. YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and Live streaming


  • YouTube video views (177,252 as of 30 April 2009).
  • Subscribers: 156 (this doubled, from 76 on 30 March 2009).
  • The most popular videos by far were those of the reception at Buckingham Palace (57,337 views in total across these videos); and President Obama’s press conference (22,305 views in  total).
  • 1,186,677 photo views as 30 April 2009.
  • Followers: 361,  Updates: 246.
Live streaming:
  • 165,000 views on 2 April.

5. Commentries on Vox EU

Chart 8: Commentries posted on Vox EU

Commentries posted on Vox EU

Chart 8 shows the total number of commentaries and the number of leadcommentaries, for each of the debates (a commentary is posted to adebate by a member).

  • Total Vox EU commentaries is equal to 174
  • Total Vox EU articles is equal to 970 (an article is a regular Vox column)

Table 1: Number of page views for different parts of each debate
(Page views)
Debate home
Lead commentaries
Inst. Reform
Financial rescue and regulation
Countries in crisis
Devt and the Crisis
Open Markets

  • "Macroeconomics"  was the most viewed, with page views for "OpenMarkets" increasing  substantially in April (due to a piece fromEichengreen and O’Rourke piece – over 100,000 views).
  • However 'Open Markets' remained behind 'Financial Rescue' and 'Macroeconomics' in terms of commentaries posted.

6. Wider web presence

Chart 9: Posts found by BlogPulse referring to G20 Summit London since November 08 (as percentage of all blog posts)

BlogPulse is an automated trend discovery system for blogs. We used BlogPulse to measure blog posts that referred to the "G20 London Summit".

Chart 9 shows:

  • On 2 April there were 468 posts
  • 3,763 posts in total found by BlogPulse  over the period
Note: Not all posts included in the chart above are directly relevant to the G20 Summit. BlogPulse searches a number of specified sites. It is not comprehensive. This chart should be used to look at trends over time for posts found by BlogPulse, not as absolute figures.