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About this site

This is the official website for the 2009 London Summit.

This website was launched on 29 January 2009, and was actively managed until 8 April 2009. The site hasn't featured any new content since then, and it is now being maintained for historical purposes.

This material on this site has been archived by the web archive project run by the British Library. It will be a resource for future research under the general collection and in the tailored 'Credit Crunch collection'. If you are a third part contributor and you would prefer for your content to not be archived please let us know, stating the content you would like removed.

During the 3 months that the site actively ran, it was the home for:

  • Official statements and news, via our Summit aims content and our Media centre.
  • A debate on the issues of the summit,some of which we hosted ourselves, some of which we worked with partners to deliver, and some of which happened elsewhere and we aggregated on the site.
  • Global updates from around the world on how the summit issues were being debated and received.

And during the summit itself, we streamed video and blogged live from the summit, and posted official statements in almost-real-time.

Our editors interviewed the Foreign Secretary, David Miliband an hour afterthe summit closed. He talked about the role that digital diplomacy played in the London Summit, as well the summit outcome and the challenges ahead.

If you're interested in how we ran the digital campaign, and how we have evaluated the impact, please see Stephen Hale's blogs about it:

The site was developed and is managed by Digital Diplomacy Group in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, in partnership with other UK government departments.


Evaluation of Key Performance Indicators


Evaluation of London Summit web presence