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How We Manage Our Roads

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The Project Control Framework

On 1st April 2008 we launched the Project Control Framework. The Framework sets out how we, together with the Department for Transport, manage and deliver major improvement projects.

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New Technology

Quick Moveable Barrier (QMB) Machine

The latest in on-road technology, which also reduces the risk to the workforce, is being piloted on the A2/A282 Dartford Improvement Scheme.

A Quick Moveable Barrier (QMB) machine is being used to place the concrete safety barriers that close off traffic lanes. Using the QMB speeds this process up significantly and will reduce traffic management on the A2 by around 6 months.

Another advantage is the QMB's ability to quickly move sections of barrier sideways. Ordinarily, these barriers are moved individually and moving them once they are in position takes a significant time. The new barrier transfer machine can lift 12 tons of concrete safety barriers into place at 7 mph so that more lanes remain open for drivers during peak periods.

The QMB vehicle, which is approximately four metres high and wide, weighing 25 tons, has been leased for two years at a cost of around a million pounds. It has already been successfully used during the construction of a 'crawler' lane for slow-moving vehicles on the A21 Sevenoaks bypass.

The Quick Moveable Barrier Machine in Action

Quick Moveable Barrier Machine

Quick Moveable Barrier Machine