Our people framework

A people framework, or people strategy, sets out how an organisation will deal with its employees.

While some people frameworks have a narrow focus - looking at HR issues like recruitment, pay and performance management - other frameworks are more comprehensive, looking at the challenges an organisation faces and how these can be met. This is the kind of people framework we intend to produce for the Civil Service.

Last updated - 4th December 2008

Why does the Civil Service need a people framework?

Most Civil Service departments have their own people strategies or are in the process of developing them.

However, there are areas where coordination and collaboration across the Civil Service will help employers to meet their business objectives. Feedback has shown that departments want this kind of framework, which sets out the long-term approach the Civil Service will take with its employees.

The framework will focus on three specific areas:

  • A clear, shared understanding of the characteristics of our future workforce.
  • A people management framework that guides the steps we need to take to create the future workforce.
  • A ‘deal’ for employees through which we will communicate the expectations they and we, as employers, should have of each other.

Our framework for the future

The Civil Service’s comprehensive people framework will provide solutions to the unique challenges we face.

It will create a roadmap that will lay out the direction we need to take to make sure we deliver a world-class service. The framework will describe a vision for the Civil Service of the future and the actions we need to take to move towards that goal.

The objectives of our people framework are:

  • to help us recruit, engage and retain the right workforce
  • to help us identify the skills and qualities we need to retain, and those we need to develop.


If you’d like more information about our people framework, please get in touch with one of the team.

  • Delegation of CS Pay and Conditions - Julia Wood 020 7276 1945
  • PSG and the skill strategy - David Weaver 020 7276 1449 (PSG) and Rob Brightwell (skills strategy)
  • Sickness absence and wellbeing - Savio Patricio 020 7276 1140 
  • SCS induction and DG Assessment - Esther Wallington 020 7276 1591