The Arts and Humanities Research Council [AHRC] supports world-class research that furthers our understanding of human culture and creativity.

From ancient history and heritage science to modern dance and digital content.

Research into these subjects helps us to interpret our experiences, probe our identities, interrogate our cultural assumptions and understand our historical, social, economic and political context. It adds to the economic success of the UK, through its contributions to the knowledge economy and innovation agenda. The research we fund can lead to improvements in social and intellectual capital, community identity, learning skills, technological evolution and the quality of life of the nation.

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Unsung heroes of exploration

The AHRC has funded the 'Hidden Histories of Exploration' exhibition at the RGS, bringing to light the roles of indigenous people, local guides and interpreters.

When the Wall came tumbling down

Twenty years since the Berlin Wall came down a new research project funded by the AHRC is looking at the ways in which the East German past has been reconstructed and represented since the demise of the GDR.

Whose Scotland?

Young writers in Scotland have made a poetic contribution to the debate about Scottish national identity thanks to funding from the AHRC.

What A Difference A Decade Makes?

A new three year academic study co-funded by the AHRC is investigating how attitudes and experiences of different religious and non-religious groups in England and Wales have evolved since 1999.

Garrow’s Law – the true tales behind the drama

A new legal drama inspired by the life of pioneering 18th century barrister William Garrow launched this Sunday on BBC One. But for those wishing to learn more about the real legal exploits of William Garrow there is the ‘Old Bailey Online’ digital archive.

Hidden Histories of Exploration

In this podcast at the launch of the exhibition at the Royal Geographical Society in London, Professor Felix Driver talks to the AHRC about how exploration can be thought about differently.

Researchers want to hear your Cornish ghost stories

Experts in mysticism and myth from the University of Exeter are involved in new research that explores storytelling and the ghostly spiritual world and are keen to encourage contributions from people who are involved or interested in Cornwall as a mythical and mystical place.

An age of austerity for the arts?

Professor Shearer West, the AHRC’s Director of Research, appeared last week at a University of Cambridge debate on whether ‘we are entering an age of austerity for the arts.’ The debate was part of the university’s annual Festival of Ideas.

AHRC Council vacancies

The AHRC has 5 vacancies arising on its Council next year, four academic places and one for a business representative who would also Chair our Audit Committee. To access the role and person specification and application form please go to the BIS website.

Placement Fellowship available at the DCMS

A joint ESRC/AHRC/DCMS Fellowship is now available based in the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). The project is titled 'Measuring Cultural Value.'

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