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CDI - Chief of Defence Intelligence

CPNI - Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure

DIS - Defence Intelligence Staff

FCO - Foreign and Commonwealth Office

GCHQ - Government Communications Headquarters

HMG - Her Majesty's Government

ICC - Interception of Communications Commissioner

IPT - Investigatory Powers Tribunal

ISC - Intelligence and Security Committee

IS - Intelligence Secretariat

JIC - Joint Intelligence Committee

JTAC - Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre

MoD - Ministry of Defence

NSID(I) - National Security, International Relations and Development sub-Committee on Intelligence

PSIS - Permanent Secretaries on the Intelligence Service

RIPA - Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act

SIA - Single Intelligence Account

SIC - Security Intelligence Co-ordinator

Sigint - Signals Intelligence and Information Assurance

SIS - Secret Intelligence Service

SOE - Special Operations Executive

TNA - The National Archives

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