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A number of senior staff act as diversity champions on the FCO Board, the core decision-making body within the Department.

Peter Ricketts (Permanent Under-Secretary and Head of the Diplomatic Service) is our overall Diversity Champion. In June 2007, six members of the FCO Board volunteered to become Board Champions for specific diversity issues:

  • Age: Martin Donnelly (Director General, Europe & Globalisation)
  • Disability: Mariot Leslie (Director General, Defence & Intelligence)
  • Flexible Working: Keith Luck (Director General, Finance)
  • Gender: Tony Mather  (Chief Information Officer)
  • Race: James Bevan (Director General, Change & Delivery)
  • Sexual Orientation: Mark Lyall-Grant (Director General, Political)

What do Board Diversity Champions do?

Some of their key tasks include:

  • acting as spokesperson and facilitator on issues and championing the interests for staff, including local staff
  • supporting diversity issues and events within the FCO and externally
  • updating the FCO Board on specific issues
  • championing ‘their’ issue beyond the FCO by attending external events

Diversity Strategy Unit

Our Diversity Strategy Unit sets out the overall strategy in the FCO. It also implements central initiatives, facilitates best practice and provides support for FCO employee networks.

Michael Shearer is our Diversity & Equality Adviser and main officer for FCO Staff Support Groups.

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