The Commission has started its second phase of work. We will focus on delving further into a set of ‘hot topics’ and testing a vision statement on the future of nursing and midwifery.

The vision of nursing and midwifery sets out the future that the Commission wants to arrive at. During the second phase, the vision will be tested to ensure it resonates with nurses, midwives, other health workers and the public.

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Ann Keen MP
Parliamentary Under Secretary for Health Services

Ann Keen MP


Listening to the next generation

Twycross zoo is the most unusual venue the Commission has visited in its quest to gather views on the future of nursing and midwifery. But monkey business wasn’t on the agenda and there weren’t any gorillas on the invitation list.

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Commission discusses public comments

Reflecting on views from the public and professionals, and considering how it will formulate its report, were major topics discussed at the Commission’s fifth meeting.

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National listening event

Ann Keen MP, chair, and Commissioners listened attentively during a national listening event held in London on 22 October 2009.

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Supporting people in hard times

To get the best out of our workforce we need to support staff and acknowledge that we all have issues outside of work that will impact on our day to day lives. This is more important than ever in the difficult financial times we are experiencing.

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Steady stream of bad press stories

The whole focus of improving patient care and the patient experience seems to have fallen at the feet of the ward sister or charge nurse; but is it the answer to the steady stream of bad press stories and the sad and distressing relative’s stories published by the Patients Association?

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The Pensioner’s Bulge

We live in an ageing country. The Baby Bulge is becoming a Pensioner’s Bulge and more nurses and caring is going to be spent with the elderly in the future. Attitudes will need to change to keep pace with the changing needs of service users.

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