Expert on call

Expert on Call is a monthly webinar, freely provided by the NHS Institute, where leading thinkers in the NHS Institute and beyond share their insights from research or product development via Webex. NHS staff then have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss how they can put these insights into practice. This service is provided as part of NHS Institute Alert. Sign up here to receive the monthly newsletter containing latest evidence in key improvement topics.

Expert on Call takes place on the 3rd Thursday of the month, between 4pm and 5pm GMT Daylight Time (GMT +01:00, London). This recording lasts about four minutes and provides an introduction to NHS Institute Alert, Expert on Call and Guest Editorials. (Please note: the software is from Webex and will automatically download when you click on the link).

To register for these events, all you have to do is click on the URL next to the topic you are interested in, from the list below, and fill in the form:

Date Topic Expert Register
20 Aug 09 Lessons learned: using service improvement tools successfully Julia RA Taylor Listen to recording
17 Sept 09 Organisational health David Welbourn Listen to recording
15 Oct 09 The importance of relationships to achieve High Quality Care For All Maggie Morgan-Cooke Listen to recording
19 Nov 09 Social Movement Liz Carter Register now
17 Dec 09 Safety in Primary Care Robert Varnam and Alison Tongue Register now
21 Jan 10 Innovation Culture  Lynne Maher Register now

Please note: You will need access to an Internet connection, computer and telephone to participate in this Webex. Instructions for using Webexpoweredbywebex.gif are available here. here.(1.24 MB)