New way to view your online PAYE codes and notices

Getting codes and notices online is convenient and quick and can help your employees be on the right code faster. When you register for and activate PAYE Online we will send you your PAYE codes and notices (such as P6s or P9s) online. Some of you may do that already through your payroll software (if it lets you) but most of you will log on to the HMRC website and use the Data Provisioning Service (DPS).

Many of you have been telling us for a while that DPS does not really work for you; you get too many codes or you deal with a lot of employers or it doesn’t search in the way that you want it to. Or you just find it a bit cumbersome.

In response to your feedback we have developed a new application to help you better manage codes and notices. From October 2009 (subject to its success in trial) there will be a new application – the PAYE Desktop Viewer (PDV) – that you can install from the HMRC website onto your desktop. You can use PDV if you are an employer or an agent.

PDV lets you:

  • see an overview of the codes and notices you have had
  • see what you have had for each client if you are an agent
  • mark records as 'actioned' or 'unactioned' (so you can easily search for the codes that you have to work)
  • create lists of items based on name, form, client and date using improved search functions
  • add comments to codes and notices
  • send codes and notices to another PDV user in your organisation

We have been running a trial since the start of June 2009 and we have had some very positive feedback from employers who are already using PDV. One user told us:

“I installed the PDV and it was easy, even for a technophobe like me! I then managed to get all my codes for the last few years downloaded in minutes, and 'play' with them. It was brilliant.”

PDV is aimed particularly at employers and agents who:

  • use the DPS Portal Viewer but want the improved search and sort features
  • currently receive PAYE codes and notices on paper
  • do not currently use third party software to access codes and notices online

We plan to make PDV available from 5 October 2009 and you will be able to install it from our website The site has help on how to install PDV and how to start using it. And PDV has help on each screen that shows you how to make the most of it.

The first time that you connect to HMRC and download information using PDV, you will get everything that has been displayed in DPS since you started to receive codes and notices online. So we recommend that you install PDV and start downloading codes and notices as soon as you can.