Updating our Online Return and Forms - PAYE product

Later this year we will be making some changes to our free Online Return and Forms – PAYE product and there will be a few days in November when you or your agent will be unable to send us forms online using this service. Nearer the time we will publish the exact dates on the Service Availability page of our Internet site. We recommend that you check this regularly.

You will not be affected if you use:

  • 'off the shelf' commercial software
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • paper

While the service is unavailable, please do not send any forms online. Instead, we recommend that you store them until the service is restored.

What you need to do before November

As part of the changes to our Online Return and Forms – PAYE product, we will be deleting:

  • any data you have sent us that relates to a period before 6 April 2006 from the employer’s part of the online application
  • all unsubmitted data that has not been updated for 12 months irrespective of the date it was created

Any data that has already been submitted will have been processed and our customer records will already have been updated.

Once this data is deleted from the Online Return and Forms – PAYE service, you or your agent will no longer be able to access it. The law does not require you to retain this information. But if you want to keep it for your own purposes, we recommend you (or your agent) review all pre-6 April 2006 information and any unsubmitted information currently held on our product. You or your agent will then need to decide whether you want to:

  • archive submitted information – by saving it to your own system or printing it off
  • or send unsubmitted data to us

After the upgrade, all pre-6 April 2006 submitted information, and any unsubmitted information that you do not archive or submit, will no longer be accessible on the Online Return and Forms – PAYE service.

Future IT changes

Later this year we will be making some further IT changes in relation to:

  • calculations in respect of Flat Rate Expenses

We will be changing the way that we make these calculations. When we receive a form P45 (Part 3) or P46 and the tax code being used is different to the tax code on our records, we will undertake an automatic check to establish what Flat Rate Expenses are already included in the tax code. This will determine whether we will then send you a revised tax code.

  • when forms P6 are issued where there is more than one starter notification

If we receive more than one starter form for the same employment, we will compare the tax code on the most recent form with the code on our records. We will then issue a further P6 where this code is different.