In this section:

Claiming Child Benefit

How to claim Child Benefit How to claim Child Benefit, where to get the claim form and when to make your claim

Child Benefit claim form Fill in a Child Benefit claim form on screen that you can print out and send to the Child Benefit Office

Help with the Child Benefit claim form Easy-to-follow explanations to help you fill in the Child Benefit claim form

Child Benefit and birth and adoption certificates Check which certificates you'll need to claim Child Benefit, and where to get replacements if you don't have them

Finding your Child Benefit number or proving you qualify Proving that you get Child Benefit and how to find your Child Benefit number

How claiming Child Benefit can protect your State Pension Claiming Child Benefit means you automatically qualify for pension protection - what this means and why it's important

More than one claim for Child Benefit for the same child Deciding who should claim Child Benefit if more than one person wants to claim for the same child

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