Find out how much Income Tax you need to pay and the allowances you can claim

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Income Tax

Introduction to Income Tax Overview - what Income Tax is, who pays it, how and how much, taxable and non-taxable income at a glance

Income Tax rates and thresholds Quick link to previous, current and next year Income Tax rates and thresholds

Income Tax allowances and reliefs Personal Allowance, Married Couple's Allowance, tax allowances and reliefs if you're employed/self-employed, how to claim

Tax codes Understanding tax codes and your PAYE Coding Notice, emergency tax, underpayments, more, what to do if your tax code is wrong

Getting your Income Tax right How to check and correct the amount of tax you're paying - starting/leaving work, if you have savings, changes to income, more

Tax refunds and reclaiming overpaid tax How to claim a repayment through PAYE, Self Assessment or by sending in form R40 Tax Repayment

Working and paying tax Tax and National Iinsurance if you're employed or self-employed, tax on casual work, multiple jobs, company benefits, tips, more

Income Tax when arriving in or leaving the UK Find out what UK tax you have to pay when coming to live/work in the UK or going to live/work abroad

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