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Seesel 2012

South East Education, Skills, Employment for London 2012 (SEESEL)

SEESEL 2012 Membership

Core Group Members at 08 April 2009

David Smith, Chair LSC Sussex , Surrey , Kent / Medway
Sue Swan, Coordinator
Sue Swan Consulting
Jackie Parry LSC
Jill Goddard LSC
Hazel Haywood LSC
David Waggett LSC
Janine Hobbs SEEDA
Alan Searle SEEDA
Mark Thirkell SEEDA
Amanda Reed SEEDA
Rhian Pearce SEEDA
James Emmett Skills Active
Terri Ferro Job Centre Plus
Terry Watts Skills for Business Network
Dave Rowland Skills South East

London 2012: Skills, Employment and Education

Sub Group 6: South East Education, Skills, Employment for London 2012 (SEESEL)
Lead: Learning and Skills Council
Contact: Sue Swan by email:

Read about SEESEL conference that was held at Dorney Lake on 2 October 2007 here.

SEESEL aims to ensure that the South East region has the skills necessary to maximise the employment and engagement opportunities provided by London 2012. This will mean inspiring young people, developing the workforce in key sectors and engaging employers and communities. The South East Education, Skills, Employment for London 2012 group (SEESEL) provides a vehicle to help South East stakeholders to respond to the challenges of London 2012 and, maybe even more importantly, capitalise on the potential of the Games to act as a catalyst to develop much needed skills and deliver a lasting cultural legacy for the region.

Download SEESEL's oveview and action plan here.

The opportunity

It is said that the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games will be the largest cultural event ever to be held in the UK. As a gateway for the Games and a host region for Olympic and Paralympic events, the pressure will be on the South East to provide facilities to meet the needs of competing teams and the demands of spectators and the media. However, as well as a challenge, London 2012 provides an opportunity to develop much needed skills for the region:
Improving the skills of people in the region will leave a legacy in terms of higher productivity, more sustainable communities and enhanced cultural and sporting venues and activities:Regional Economic Strategy 2006-2016: A Framework for Sustainable Prosperity, published by SEEDA.

Crucially, this skills and employment legacy will be realised through supporting existing priorities:

Key to the success of the South East's involvement in The Games is an understanding that they should be seen as an opportunity to bring forwards or catalyse investment in programmes which would be desirable regardless of 2012. Regional Economic Strategy 2006-2016: A Framework for Sustainable Prosperity, published by SEEDA.

Who is involved?

Over 100 stakeholders have come together to form the South East Skills & Employment for London 2012 and take coordinated regional action on London 2012. The group is Chaired by David Smith of LSC, with core members from Culture South East, Government Office South East, Jobcentre Plus, LSC, SkillsActive and SEEDA (including John Parsonage, Chair of RSPA).

The Action Plan

SEESEL 2012 has developed a plan of action to deliver on three key objectives.

The objectives are as follows:

  1. Inspiring young people
    To use London 2012 related themes to inspire skills development amongst young people.
  2. Business skills
    To support South East employers (including self employed, freelancers and those who employ voluntary staff) to contribute to London 2012, by supporting the development of employability and business skills amongst the existing workforce and those wishing to enter employment.
  3. Community learning
    To encourage people to develop their knowledge and skills in ways that enable them to contribute to and benefit from the 2012 mission, through paid and unpaid work and through engaging in learning in their communities, giving priority to those who would not normally take up more conventional skills development opportunities.

You can download the SEESEL action plan by clicking here. Please note it is a living document and is subject to change.

Getting involved
If you would like to join the SEESEL stakeholder network and receive regular updates of progress email .

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