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Pathways to learning for new arrivals

Last updated: 11 September 2009

Please note we are currently working on updating the content of these pages.

This area aims to help teachers respond to the needs of pupils newly arrived from overseas. It provides:

  • background information on migration, countries of origin and children’s rights and entitlements
  • guidance for schools and teachers on promoting the educational achievement of newly arrived pupils
  • case studies of good practice.

Principles of good practice

Schools have a responsibility to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all pupils. The national curriculum is the starting point for planning a school curriculum that meets the needs of individuals and groups of pupils.

The national curriculum statutory inclusion statement sets out three principles that are essential to developing a more inclusive curriculum.

Teachers should consider the specific needs of pupils newly arrived from overseas within the context of these principles:

  • setting suitable learning challenges by modifying the curriculum to meet the needs of pupils, including those who may have gaps in their learning resulting from interrupted or missed schooling or who may significantly exceed the expected level of attainment
  • responding to pupils’ diverse needs by taking into account their cultural, religious and linguistic backgrounds when planning in order to ensure that all pupils feel secure and are able to take part in lessons fully and effectively
  • overcoming potential barriers to learning and assessment for individuals and groups of pupils by gaining an understanding of the pupil's cultural background, prior learning experiences, communication skills in English and prior experiences that may affect their emotional well-being. Teachers can then plan learning opportunities that will help remove any barriers to learning a pupil might have.

Teachers are encouraged to read the national curriculum statutory inclusion statement in full, which can be viewed on the National curriculum online website.

The pathways to learning for new arrivals section of the website will be updated in early 2009.

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