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ICT technical job description tool

This is a tool to provide guidance in creating job descriptions for ICT technicians.

The tool will present a series of groups of statements at four levels relating to each of the twelve sections of the Competences Framework. You will be asked to select a group of statements for each section and then be given opportunities to remove irrelevant statements or to add statements from another level. This process allows you to create a flexible job description with statements drawn from more than one level in the Competences Framework. You will be given an opportunity to edit the resulting job description.

The typical job descriptions from the four levels of the Competences Framework form a hierarchy of support. However, it is unlikely that schools/colleges will be able to create internal posts at each of these levels, so you will need to consider statements from the levels above and below your main target level to create a post appropriate to your local context.

The use of levels is not linked to any recommendation on salary grade or employment conditions - issues relating to pay are for local negotiation between staff and their employer.

No specific assumptions have been made about the management of ICT in your school/college. In particular, responsibility for management information systems has not been defined as a separate item of technical support.

It is important that the final job description be read as a whole to ensure that it meets the needs of your school/college. You will also need to consider local arrangements and union agreements relating to the structure and content of job descriptions before finalising the text.

ICT technical job description tool

Printer friendly printer friendly version of this page Published: 04 October 2005
Last modified: 07 July 2006