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City Strategy

The City Strategy aims to tackle worklessness in our most disadvantaged communities across the UK – many of which are in major cities and other urban areas.

It will initially focus on 15 pathfinder areas that are currently furthest from the Government’s aim of 80 per cent employment, most of which are in our major cities and other urban areas. The 15 City Strategy pathfinders were due to finish in March 2009. Ministers have agreed to extend DWP's support for all pathfinders for a further two years.

The strategy is based on the idea that local partners can deliver more if they combine and align their efforts behind shared priorities, and are given more freedom to try out new ideas and to tailor services in response to local need. It will aim to:

In doing so, we hope it will contribute to the government’s long-term aims of increasing the number of people in work and tackling child poverty.

The strategy will test: