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'The Journey', a short flash presentation to discover how the CAA is involved in the various stages of a journey by air.
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The Civil Aviation Authority is the UK's specialist aviation regulator. Through its skills and expertise it is recognised as a world leader in its field.


The CAA is the UK's independent specialist aviation regulator.  Its activities include economic regulation, airspace policy, safety regulation and consumer protection.

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Airspace Policy

The Directorate of Airspace Policy is responsible for the planning and regulation of all UK airspace including the navigation and communications infrastructure to support safe and efficient operations.

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Consumer Protection

The Consumer Protection Group (CPG) regulates UK tour operators and airlines and enforces EC consumer regulations including Denied Boarding, Cancellation and Delay and Reduced Mobility access.

It also provides information and advice on consumer travel issues such as airline insolvency and tour operator failure.

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Economic Regulation

The Economic Regulation Group regulates airports, air traffic services and airlines and provides advice on aviation policy from an economic standpoint.

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Safety Regulation

The Safety Regulation Group sets certain national safety standards. In parallel, it oversees the activities of the aviation community and its level of compliance with both national and European safety standards.

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The Air Travel Organisers' Licensing (ATOL) Scheme regulates UK tour operators and provides financial protection to consumers.  You can find out more about ATOL, check an ATOL company and make a claim against a failed tour operator.

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