Water freight

Map of Key Inland Waterways of Great Britain with Freight Potential

A report from Capita Symonds, commissioned by the DfT to provide guidance on the navigable inland waterways in the UK suitable for freight traffic.

Water freight grants

Information and guidance about the Department for Transport grants available to facilitate the purchase of the environmental and social benefits that result from using water transport instead of road.

Environmental benefits values information for the new Mode Shift Benefit Values

These papers introduce the new environmental benefits values (MSB) which will replace the Sensitive Lorry Miles (SLM) from 2010. Included are a user guide and more detailed technical report.

Planning for freight on inland waterways

This good practice guide has been produced by the Association of Inland Navigation Authorities to show how planning can help support the use of inland waterways for freight transport. Published as hard copy in April 2004.

Motorways of the Sea projects in the North Sea region

Inland waterways freight - policy update

This document sets out the latest position on the Department's Inland Waterways Freight Policy.

04 August 2006

The potential for water freight in the UK - A survey of business attitudes and opinions (207 kb)

A survey of water freight transport commissioned by the Department for Transport and produced by Sea and Water. This study analyses the attitude of users of freight services with respect to water, road and rail and identifies the main drivers in the decision making process and the barriers to the growth of water freight perceived by the potential users of water.

05 June 2007

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