Introduction to transport statistics

Welcome to the official statistics pages of the DfT web site. The Department collects, analyses and publishes a wide range of statistics covering all forms of transport. You can search this part of the web-site, for the data or publications you want, by topic or theme at Statistics (data, tables and publications), alternatively you can also find information about recent and forthcoming publications and statistical releases.

One of our main publications is Transport trends which is an annual overview and analysis of transport and travel trends in Great Britain.  It accompanies Transport statistics for Great Britain (TSGB) which provides a comprehensive picture of transport patronage in Great Britain.  The data tables that make up TSGB, are available in both PDF and Excel format, allowing users to manipulate the data to produce further tables or charts.  These tables are listed by subject and can be found by navigating through our statistics (data, tables and publications) section.

Within the themes more detailed statistics are presented covering areas such as: Attitudes towards transport , Freight , Maritime , Personal travel (National Travel Survey)Public transport , Roads and TrafficAccidents and casualties and Vehicles . We would be pleased to receive any suggestions for improvement in any aspect of this service or to any of our other publications.